Would you still draft Jalen Carter if you were running the Chicago Bears?

Chicago Bears, Jalen Carter
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Everyone was hyped up about the 2023 NFL Combine interviews starting today. The plan was for EDGE rushers, linebackers, and defensive tackles to all hit the podium while the media threw question after question at them. That energy all ended when reports came out that the Athens PD had a warrant for defensive tackle prospect Jalen Carter. Carter is one of the top two prospects on most analysts' draft boards. I'm sure the Chicago Bears were heavily interested in him.

I think it's safe to say that most Chicago Bears fans want to see Ryan Poles trade out of the top spot. With the news about Jalen Carter, that thought process might need to change. Originally, the idea most fans felt was best for the Bears would be to trade down to either two with the Texans or four with the Colts (or both) and they would still be able to land either Will Anderson or Jalen Carter - the two top prospects in the draft.

Now, with Jalen Carter's off-the-field issues, it's possible that many teams will remove him from their draft board or at the very least, move him down. Ryan Poles spoke about players receiving a color code on their draft board - blue representing blue-chip prospects. If Carter is still on his board, does he have a new color?

Would you take Jalen Carter if you were running the Chicago Bears?

We now leave you in charge and want to know what you would do if you were Ryan Poles. Would you take Will Anderson first overall to ensure you lock up one of the top two prospects? Would you still try to trade down? How far would you go? If you can work out a deal with the Texans you are ensuring you still get the Chicago Bears Anderson. However, if you move down to four with the Colts, it could mean the Cardinals take Anderson at third overall. What do you do? Now, rumors are the Cardinals might shop their pick too, so there is a small chance Anderson drops to four still.

Personally, I was already off of the idea of securing one of Anderson or Jalen Carter. My thought was to try and move down to four. I just don't see the Texans giving up enough to move up one spot. Once at four, I'd hope that Ryan Poles actually look to move down once again. My hope was the Raiders at seven, the Falcons at eight or the Panthers at nine. Clearly, if the Chicago Bears were to drop out of the top five, they weren't landing either Will Anderson or Jalen Carter. Maybe now Carter falls that far and the choice is more difficult. I had my eyes set on double the draft capital and Tyree Wilson.

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With the news about Jalen Carter being arrested and involved, even if indirectly, in the car accident that took two fellow UGA members - one teammate and one recruiting staff member - I personally wouldn't consider Jalen Carter in the top 15. How do you feel and what would you do?