How Andy Reid helped the Chicago Bears in latest FanSided power rankings

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Justin Fields, Matt Eberflus / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears looked bad against the Kansas City Chiefs. That's not a secret. However, one positive that came from the game was how Andy Reid helped his former Executive Director of Player Personnel. You might be wondering how Reid and the Chiefs helped the Bears last Sunday. Well, if you take a look at the recent FanSided power rankings, you'll note that the Chicago Bears are second to last at 31. However, the team that is coming in lower than them is the Denver Broncos. The only reason the Broncos are ranked lower than the Bears is because they just gave up 70 points to Miami.

Alright, you might be thinking, then how did Andy Reid and the Chiefs help keep the Bears out of dead last in these rankings? The answer is simple. They pulled Patrick Mahomes and other starters out of the game not too long into the third quarter. Had Mahomes and others stayed in, the Chiefs would have pushed for a similar result as the Dolphins dominating the Broncos. That game ended up being 70 to 20 — a 50-point loss for the Broncos.

The Chicago Bears should be ranked as the worst team in the NFL

Look, I don't care that the Broncos just gave up 70 points to the Dolphins. That isn't enough for them to be ranked lower than the Chicago Bears. The Bears are spiraling out of control. Fans are torn between wanting Justin Fields traded or brought back in 2024. Most fans want Matt Eberflus or at least Luke Getsy fired already. Players seem disinterested in what is going on with the team as well and one has to wonder if the locker room is as tight as Eberflus is trying to make it seem. When in reality, all signs point to him being in over his head.

Russell Baxter, the author of the current power rankings list, discussed how the Chicago Bears are on a 13-game losing streak. He states that the Bears have been outscored 437-247 in those 13 losses and that they have given up 30 or more points in eight of the 13 games. That is a points differential of 190 total points and averages out to be an approximately 14-point per game difference.

Some things that the author didn't point out that had he known might have swayed him to put the Bears below the Broncos is that the Chicago Bears are 29th in total yards per game, while the Broncos rank 15th. Denver is also scoring 23 points per game, while the Bears are now averaging less than 16 points per game. The Broncos are road favorites in this game as well. This should tell the author of these rankings something. Now, the Broncos are last in points allowed per game and total yards allowed per game. However, last week's loss to the Dolphins inflates those numbers.


I don't have high expectations for this game on Sunday, but the outcome matters when talking draft position. Not to mention, these fans are sick of looking and hoping for better days.