5 nightmare scenarios for the Bears in 2024

What happens if all goes wrong?
Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus / Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
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Fans are, and should be, excited for the coming season. The Chicago Bears are one of the league's most-improved teams and, if all goes right, should be competing at a much higher level.

But, what happens if all doesn't go right? The Bears are set up for what should be an exciting season ahead, led by rookie phenom Caleb Williams and a top-10 defense. Yet, this is the NFL. Things happen.

What do the Bears do if any of these nightmare scenarios come to fruition?

Health is always priority number one

Needless to say, injuries are part of the game. It also goes without saying, that, this season would be derailed if any notable names were to go down for a lengthy period of time.

Now, obviously everyone's mind will naturally gravitate to the quarterback position. If Caleb Williams were to get hurt, the Bears would more than likely turn to Tyson Bagent, who does come into his second year with some starting experience.

Fortunately for Chicago, this roster is well-built and Bagent would have more weapons than he could have dreamt of just a year ago. Would the Bears' ship be sunk without Williams? Many fans' first inclination would be a resounding 'yes.' However, Bagent would, at the very least, give the Bears a fighting chance each week.

Injuries are bound to happen, but let's just pray that bug stays clear from the quarterback room.