National expert reveals the Chicago Bears' best case scenario for 2024

Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp
Chicago Bears Rookie Minicamp / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

No team across the NFL has garnered as much attention as the Chicago Bears this offseason given the decision they made to move on from quarterback Justin Fields in favor of selecting Caleb Williams with the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The arrival of Williams has put national attention on the Bears, one of the main reasons why the team will be featured on Hard Knocks this summer.

The question that now faces the Bears as they prepare for the 2024 season is what is the best-case scenario for the team.

Recent rankings have suggested that the Bears may be endure some growing pains during the 2024 season but some experts remain high on the team's changes.

NFL Network's Rich Eisen believes that the best-case scenario for the Bears in 2024 is the Super Bowl.

While comparing Williams' situation with the Bears to what CJ Stroud had with the Houston Texans, Eisen took it a step further by saying the best-case scenario is not Williams leading the Bears to the playoffs but to the Super Bowl.

Another case for the Bears reaching the Super Bowl

Now, the best-case scenario for any team in the NFL should be to make the Super Bowl. Having said that, it is refreshing to see national experts mention the Bears in the same sentence as the Super Bowl when the season is still months away.

Still, a prediction for the Bears making the Super Bowl in 2024 is overzealous. The Bears have question marks along both the offensive and defensive lines. That is one of the reasons why the Detroit Lions are still a level above where the Bears are currently. Having said that, if Williams is indeed the answer for the Bears at the quarterback position, Super Bowls will definitely be in the team's future.