Overreaction Monday: Chicago Bears vs. Kansas City Chiefs

In a week filled with multiple storylines not pertaining to the play of the team itself, the Chicago Bears came out and gave Taylor Swift a true sighting of what they're capable of. And it's not much. After a performance like this, there's plenty to overreact to.

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After a goose egg on the scoreboard following the first half of play, the Chicago Bears finished their Week 3 performance by losing 41-10. Because of that, it's important to overreact. It's all part of a healthy coping mechanism.

And even if it's not, we're going to anyways.

It's time to have some serious overreactions about the Chicago Bears

Somehow, the 41-10 score was one of the least concerning problems. The scoreboard was concerning, too, don't get it twisted. It just wasn't the main concern.

This was an important game for the Chicago Bears, yet, there was no way of knowing that by simply watching the game, especially when the Chiefs had their full team on the field. This game only got "interesting" once the Chiefs put Blaine Gabbert in, but the score gap was insurmountable at that point.

Now, the Bears weren't necessarily in a place to be seen as possibly beating the Chiefs, but being beaten 41-10 might not've been on the BINGO card. Maybe it was, and if so, you were correct.

After a whirlwind of allegations and rumors pertaining to the Chicago Bears, playing well against the Chiefs was important for the Bears. However, they didn't do that. In fact, they did just about the opposite.

Not that the Bears didn't have enough eyeballs on them to begin with after their eventful week heading into this game, but to be utterly embarrassed in front of Taylor Swift is the icing on the cake.

When all Bears fans wanted was a close game against Patrick Mahomes, they got a box full of disappointment.

Though it's only the third week of a 17-game NFL season, it might not even be considered overreacting. Is it overreacting to be overly critical of a team playing like a league-worst team week in and week out?