5 Chicago Bears players in danger after first unofficial depth chart released

After the first depth chart was released by the Bears, which players might be feeling the heat?

Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert
Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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These Chicago Bears are different. The 2023 version of Ryan Poles' team looks drastically different than last year's, and that was the plan all along.

It looks so different, in fact, that the first unofficial depth chart has brought on some surprises. Along with analyzing the depth chart, we looked at what people are saying about training camp performances.

So far, there are five players that should be a little worried after this depth chart was released, in conjunction with how their competition has fared throughout camp to this point.

1. Kindle Vildor, CB

Last year, veteran cornerback Kindle Vildor was a starter by default, next to Jaylon Johnson. Vildor stepped in and played fine, but wasn't a game changing player by any means. The Bears definitely had to upgrade the position this offseason, which they did.

On the Bears' first unofficial depth chart, Vildor comes in as the last name under the position. It's a pretty surprising development for a guy many figured would serve as the next man up behind either Johnson or the other starter, which we'll get to a bit later. But, Vildor's camp has not been impressive, and he is now fighting for a job.

Last season, Vildor allowed an opposing quarterback rating of 110.1, which was good for a career-best, but that's not saying much. He also lowered his opposing quarterback completion percentage to 65.8, good for a career-best, but again, that's not too impressive. It looks like the added depth at cornerback is quickly catching up to the former fifth-round pick.