5 major takeaways from Chicago Bears first unofficial depth chart

The Chicago Bears gave us some clarity at wide receiver, running back, edge rusher, cornerback, and offensive line with their first unofficial depth chart

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The Chicago Bears released their first unofficial depth chart. While the unofficial part should tell you all that you should put into this depth chart stock-wise, it still shows us where each player stands. It also gives us a decent idea of where people will line up and when during the preseason.

So, what are the biggest takeaways from the first depth chart, and what will look to see changes in the coming weeks?

5. Velus Jones is high on the special teams depth chart

The status of Velus Jones is certainly something to watch this summer. He was everything that a bust would give you in year one, and the Bears need some sort of sign of life this preseason. The first depth chart gave some good when it came to Jones.

First, he is inside the top six wide receivers. This was not the case when the depth chart initially came out, but the team made it clear that they wanted to revise this depth chart, ensuring to note that Jones has moved up. This is notable because he passed up Dante Pettis on the depth chart.

Pettis was ahead of Jones all of last season, but he has not been able to practice with an injury. Whether it is a combination of Jones playing well or Pettis not being healthy, they finally made the swap on the depth chart.

Jones is not only the starting kick returner; he is starting at punt return. This may be more important than Pettis over Jones at wideout because the punt return job is the only time these two would see the field. Pettis beat out Jones for the spot last year, but Jones must have done something to jump ahead of him now, and he must have shown enough to win the PR job. That could get him into the WR6 conversation.