5 Chicago Bears who are on pace for career years in 2023

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D.J. Moore, WR

Some critics and Packers fans tried to tell us how D.J. Moore isn't considered a true WR1 in the NFL despite having three seasons with over 1,000 yards in his five-year (at the time) career. Some touted his inability to reach the end zone as the reason, yet he was coming off of a seven-touchdown season. Others, many in the fantasy football community, tried to tell me that D.J. Moore wasn't worthy of a high draft pick because he will be playing in a low-volume passing attack and has Justin Fields as his quarterback.

Well, D.J. Moore set out to prove you all wrong. As long as he can stay healthy over the last two weeks, he is likely to surpass his career-high in yardage. His career-high is 1,193, but with two games left, he only needs 53 yards. Through 15 games, Moore is averaging 76.1 yards per game. I think it's safe to expect him to break the 1,200-yard mark. Moore has also tied his career-high in touchdowns with seven. He has two games to overtake that mark and pad his stats even more.

Another area in which Moore has set a career-high is his catch rate. He has a 70.9% catch rate — the only time he's eclipsed 70%. We will have to see if it holds over the final games, but until this year his best catch rate was 67.1%. Compared to the rest of the league, Moore is 11th in receiving yards (1,141) and tied for 6th in touchdowns (8). What's nice to see is that he is 5th in YAC with 467.


DJ Moore continues to talk about how Justin Fields is special. Will Fields be throwing him the football once again in 2024 or will Fields be gone and Moroe will need to deal with a rookie quarterback? No matter who is under center in 2024, I think it's safe to say this team is trending upward.