3 Chicago Bears players who robbed the team blind in 2023

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Ryan Poles has done a good job overall as the Chicago Bears General Manager, and they are in a great spot as they enter the 2024 offseason. However, he has made some mistakes in his time as General Manager, and there are some bad deals and decisions from him. Who are some players on the Bears who robbed the team blind with their play last year?

3. The Chicago Bears should have cut Cody Whitehair 

This one was surprising, considering Ryan Poles did not give Cody Whitehair this contract. However, Whitehair was on the books for over $14M, which is far too unreasonable. The team could have saved nearly $10M by letting Whitehair go last season, but they felt that they needed the depth more. It turned out to be true that they needed the depth, but Whitehair was not the player to fill it

Whitehair had to play both guard and center. What stings is he was asked to play center, then in training camp, he had to switch back to guard, only to be asked to move again during the season. This is something that has been a trend for Whitehair throughout his career, and it looks like it finally caught up to him. The 2023 season ended up being the worst year of his career. 

As it stands, he is currently on the salary cap. The Bears will release him this year, or you would have to assume so because otherwise, he will be robbing them blind for the second straight year. This was not a good bang for your buck.

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