5 Chicago Bears players with significant splits that will surprise fans

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The Chicago Bears have been a team with plenty of injuries across the roster this season. It has allowed us to see multiple versions of the team. Since the Bears are starting to get healthier, it was a good time to look into some of the splits that the team has with and without these players. Of course, other contexts, such as the opponent and players around them, matter just as much, but these splits are notable and make sense on the field.

5.  The Chicago Bears run game has improved with Teven Jenkins 

The second Teven Jenkins stepped on the field against the Washington Commanders, their run game improved. You could feel it and see it as the Bears put up 40 points. The stats show that Teven Jenkins has improved the run dramatically this year. 

According to RBSDM, the run game was averaging -0.076 expected points per rush without Teven Jenkins. That went up to 0.005 EPA per play with Jenkins. He took a negative and turned it into a positive. 

More than that, their success rate was just 39.8% on rushing attempts in their first four weeks of the season. Since then, it is up to 45.1%. This is a significant upgrade. Last year, the Bears rushing attack had a success rate of just 40.9%.

This is the best the run game has ever looked, and it could be getting even better. They just got Braxton Jones back for the past two games, and they are just going to get Justin Fields back this week. Those two are major positives in the run game. 

Beyond that, this run game has been this successful riding D’onta Foreman, who was inactive when Fields had control of the offense. The last seven games of the season will be the best rushing attack Chicago has had under Justin Fields.