4 Chicago Bears players who should stick around in 2024

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As the Chicago Bears head into the 2024 offseason, there will be plenty of player movement. A lot of the talk around the Bears is about which players should be shipped off or not re-signed. However, there are some players that fans are questioning, but they should stick around in 2024. Who are they?

4. The Chicago Bears do not need to replace Braxton Jones as a starter in 2024

The Chicago Bears have a huge decision to make when it comes to Braxton Jones. Jones will be entering his third season as a former fifth-round pick. He did enough in his rookie season to earn another chance, but the Bears also had so many holes that they could not address them all. This year, he was injured during a larger portion of the year, but when he returned, the offense started to find its groove. Still, the Bears roster looks better now, and with two top-ten picks, there is talk about them replacing Jones as a starter in 2024. 

While the team could bring in someone better than Larry Borom to compete with Jones this offseason, they should retain Jones as the starter. Jones has not been an All-Pro or an over-the-top starter, but he is starter caliber and has not done anything to lose the job. 

He had issues with penalties early in the year, but by the end of the season, it was not an issue. He entered the NFL as a work in progress as a day three pick from a small school, but he has progressed every season, and there is no reason to think he will not be even better in 2024. The Bears' needs are slimming down, but they still have enough questions that they should address before they look at a new left tackle. Braxton Jones will start again.