Chicago Bears Quarterback depth chart: Post 2023 NFL Draft

Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Chicago Bears have finalized their 90-man roster there will be a few tweaks here and there, but the majority of the players who will be on the 53-man roster in August are here now with the team.

So, we will be looking at the depth chart of each position to see which position is a strength, and where the areas of needs are on the roster. First, we will look at the quarterbacks.

Chicago Bears quarterback depth chart

1. Justin Fields

Justin Fields was a winner of the 2023 NFL draft. However, whether you want to say that the team now has the pieces to help Fields, or you say that Fields now has no excuses if he struggles, both lead to the team having a much more firm stance on the future of Fields with the Chicago Bears after this season.

With Darnell Wright, DJ Moore, Nate Davis, Tyler Scott, Roschon Johnson, D'Donta Foreman, and more added to this offense, the team can at least decide if Fields can play within structure. The team does not need to win a Super Bowl, but some growth has to be shown, and if they pick the top five again next year, the excuse will not be that Fields did not have enough help.

2. PJ Walker

The Chicago Bears wisely brought in someone who can move around, which suits the offense that Fields need to run. He can bring a bit of a blend that brings Fields to a more traditional offense but also brings Luke Getsy to an offense that helps move a quarterback around more.

3. Nathan Peterman

A lot of fans want Nathan Peterman out of the mix, but the Chicago Bears view him as an extra quarterbacks coach. Both Luke Getsy and Andrew Janocko went to Pitt, and so did Nathan Peterman, so they have obviously known each other for a long time. The question is whether they keep him on the PS, or waste a 53-man roster spot.

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4. Tyson Bagent

Tyson Bagent could force the Chicago Bears' hand with Peterman, but he has to prove it. He worked out with Luke Getsy at the Senior Bowl, so Getsy will get the final say. Or, the team may try to carry two quarterbacks on the practice squad. Essentially, they have their extra coach, and then their longer-term project choice. Both will clear waivers, and this is a possibility.