3 realistic trade packages Bears can offer for A.J. Brown

Big names could be on the move, soon...

Chicago Bears, A.J. Brown
Chicago Bears, A.J. Brown / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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The offseason is about to get real interesting, real quick, for the Chicago Bears.

In addition to finding out what happens with quarterback Justin Fields and the Bears' decision with the no. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, we have free agency beginning just days from now.

Monday, the legal tampering period opens. Wednesday, free agents can officially sign with new teams. And, as is the story each year, there will also be notable trades to go down.

One name in rumors for weeks now is Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown. Although we've seen trade rumors get shot down, that didn't stop Bleacher Report from recently talking about possible trade packages for the wide receiver.

With the Bears having the league's third-highest total in cap space, that got us thinking.

The Chicago Bears could offer one of these trades to try and land A.J. Brown

AJ Brown trade

This first deal is pretty simple. When Brown was traded to Philly from the Titans two years ago, he was dealt for picks no. 18 and 101. Thinking along the same lines, the Bears would give up a first and a fourth rounder, except not this year. There is no way the Bears give up the no. 9 pick in a deal for Brown (or is there?) and they're already limited on draft capital as it is, this year.

If the Eagles are fine with two picks coming in next year's draft, then the Bears get him for a first and a fourth. Again, we're looking at realistic packages the Bears could trade. Now, on to a couple of more interesting deals.