Chicago Bears rookie QB receives 'Mahomes' comparison from Travis Kelce

Caleb Williams receives, yet, another top-tier NFL comparison
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David Banks-USA TODAY Sports / David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

As the 2024 NFL season approaches, Caleb Williams is receiving increasing praise among the NFL community for being a player who is changing how Chicago Bears quarterbacks will be viewed moving forward. 

Chicago Bears' Caleb Williams receives another ringing endorsement and NFL comparison

In this instance, Travis Kelce weighed in on Williams' abilities on New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, as he gave the Bears rookie a generous comparison to a quarterback he's played alongside for seven years now.

That quarterback? None other than Patrick Mahomes.

"Caleb [Williams] goes in there and makes [the Chicago Bears] a better football team. Watching him play in college over the past couple years, both at Oklahoma and USC, I thought he was an absolute stud. Similar to kind of how Patty Mahomes plays the game . . . He has that game-changer mentality where at any moment, he can kill you with his arm and he can do some things with his legs and running the ball that a lot of QBs can't."

Travis Kelce on New Height

Though Caleb Williams has yet to take a meaningful snap in the NFL for the Chicago Bears, active players and those within the NFL community continuously compare him to elite-level NFL quarterbacks, which should only excite Bears fans for the future.

Since being established over 100 years ago— 103 years to be exact— the Bears have yet to have a quarterback throw for over 4,000 yards. All 31 other franchises in the NFL have reached that accolade, but the Chicago Bears remain a non-participant in this category.

However, considering all the potential Caleb Williams comes into his rookie season with, this could be the start to the Bears no longer being a team where quarterbacks go to perish. It's ambitious, but who's to say Williams can't reach that 4,000-yard mark with the star-studded cast around him to start his NFL career?