Chicago Bears 2023 roster ranking: No 74. Trestan Ebner

Will Trestan Ebner make the Chicago Bears roster in 2023?

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As we countdown the days until the Chicago Bears hit training camp, we are going to be counting down the 90-man roster for the team. This list is looking into who might make the roster and if they do, who will be impacting games the most.

We are inside the top 75, and down to number 74 today.

Chicago Bears 2023 roster ranking: No 74. Trestan Ebner

2022 Roster Ranking: 37

Trestan Ebner is a former sixth-round pick from Baylor. He played 85 offensive snaps and 173 special teams snaps as a rookie. However, you can see from the ranking that he is projected to fall down the roster a lot. He was number 37 on our list last year. That can speak to how he has fallen but also how the roster has improved.

Ebner struggled to beat out Darrynton Evans as the third running back all season. He was supposed to be a duel threat as a runner and pass catcher, but he just was not refined in either area. He had a chance to get extensive playing time against the Atlanta Falcons and messed up a screen pass that led to Justin Fields getting sacked.

He essentially lost all faith in the staff from that point on. You can tell the staff was mad because he was benched the following week. If you look at his special teams snaps, he played 14 snaps in week 10, a normal role. Then, zero week 11 because he had a role on offense and then was benched. Then, in week 12, he played one special team snap before going back to 13 special teams snaps in week 13.

Ebner may take a step forward, but the Bears' roster is much deeper. The Bears turned David Montgomery into D'Onta Foreman, and Roschon Johnson, which takes a spot from Ebner. More than that, the Chicago Bears signed Travis Homer early.

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It is telling because Homer is a passing-down specialist, and he is good in the areas where Ebner was benched last year. So, Ebner was competing for the third running back spot last year. Now, he is locked into the fifth running back spot. It will be interesting to see if he sticks on the practice squad or if he wants to start fresh.