3 Chicago Bears whose stock has fallen before training camp

Chicago Bears, Chase Claypool
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Chicago Bears, Dominique Robinson
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Chicago Bears defensive end, Dominique Robinson

The Chicago Bears drafted Dominique Robinson in the fifth round last year. He is very raw but has plenty of upside. He showed how good of a pass rusher he can be early in the season. His play is likely why Robert Quinn was traded. Quinn was struggling and it wouldn't surprise me that with the level of play Robinson showed early, Poles was excited for the defensive end.

Robinson finished the year with 1.5 sacks. The problem is that he recorded those sacks in the first game and never got to the quarterback again. He finished the year with nine total pressures and his upside is still there. I worry that Poles didn't see enough from him though and that's why he went out and signed guys like DeMarcus Walker and Rasheem Green.

Robinson struggled to get to the quarterback, but what was worse was his inability to contain. Too often he overpursued and allowed big gains on the run. With the additions of Walker and Green, Robinson is likely to see his snap percentage drop. It could drop even more if Terrell Lewis or D'Anthony Jones prove themselves worthy. Robinson's stock has dropped, and he will have to highly prove himself in training camp and the preseason to maintain decent playing time.