4 trades the Chicago Bears need to make before its too late

Should the Bears start making calls to try and save their season after just two weeks?
Chicago Bears, Danielle Hunter
Chicago Bears, Danielle Hunter / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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The laundry list of items wrong with this Chicago Bears team would take quite a while to sort through.

At 0-2, the Bears look just like they did a year ago, only after having added a good amount of talent over this last offseason. For Chicago to turn things around, they're going to need a few things done differently.

First and foremost, Luke Getsy either has to go, or figure it out in a hurry. But, that's a topic for another day.

If Chicago wants to shore up some areas with additional talent before it's too late, though, they could consider these four trades.

1. The Chicago Bears should trade for Kevin Strong

The Bears still need help along their defensive line, especially on the interior. While they have Zacch Pickens and Gervon Dexter waiting to earn additional snaps as rookies, the Bears continue to play Justin Jones and Andrew Billings who have not had the best start to the year.

Strong trade

One underrated defensive lineman the Bears could trade for comes from the Arizona Cardinals, who are likely going to be tanking the season away in preparation for the no. 1 draft ick next year. Kevin Strong, a 27-year-old veteran, has had a great start to his season in Arizona.

He's been a bright spot amongst an otherwise very mediocre, if not all-out bad, Cardinals football team.

In this deal, the Bears would trade a future sixth rounder to Arizona for Strong. The fifth-year veteran is off to a nice start this season and pacing for his most productive year yet in the NFL.