Chicago Bears running back depth chart: post 2023 NFL Draft

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Now that the 2023 NFL draft is over the focus will be on how the pieces fit on the depth chart. Today we will be looking at the Chicago Bears running back depth chart to see how they look heading into OTAs and then the break before training camp begins.

Chicago Bears running back depth chart: post 2023 NFL Draft

1. Khalil Herbert

Some fans are going to be calling for Khalil Herbert's head after the NFL draft, but when all things are said and done, he may still be the lead back in a three, or even four-man committee. He was one of the better running backs on carry-per-carry rate last season, and everything the team did was to add compliments to his skill set, not replace his skill set. They added passing down players and power backs, but they only have one big play threat who can break a run on first and second down.

2. D'onta Foreman

D'onta Foreman is not a loser in that he is going to lose his job, but I bet if you asked him after the draft if he wishes he waited to sign with the Chicago Bears he may have said yes. Roschon Johnson is still a rookie who has not passed him, but the depth is coming for him now. For now, Foreman brings enough power, and explosion that the split will be close to even between Herbert and himself.

3. Roschon Johnson

Some fans want Roschon Johnson to step up and be that guy already. However, we have to remember that the Chicago Bears not only saw him available in round four, but they also traded back from the first pick of round four and then took him. If they loved him so much they would not have traded back. Of course, they do like him, and the fact that he can play special teams and pass protect pushes him up to three without any snaps. A strong training camp could push him up more.

4. Travis Homer

Travis Homer is a passing down back. The issue with Roschon Johnson is he brings a lot of the power that Foreman brings with the passing down value that Homer brought. Homer has enough special teams value that he should make the roster, but that may be the only time you see him.

5. Trestan Ebner

The Chicago Bears clearly did not like what they saw from Ebner and have now gone out of their way to bring in as much competition as possible.

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Full Back

1. Khari Blasingame

Blasingame was brought back and will hold down the fullback role.

2. Robert Burns

Robert Burns was added as a UDFA. Jake Tonges made the practice squad as a FB/TE and with the lack of TE depth on the roster, this may just show that Tonges is now back to being a full-time tight end.