A look back at the Chicago Bears first five weeks and what they need in the NFL Draft

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears, Jaquan Brisker
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The Chicago Bears need to get tricky tricky

The Chicago Bears head coach, Matt Eberflus, should be someone other than Matt Nagy on defense. Even though a coach came here with an idea in their head, they should still adjust as well. The whole Tampa-2 defense sounded cool on paper. I even changed my Madden roster to a 3-4 defense. I am not suggesting the Bears switch their base scheme entirely like that. However, the send four and cover thing didn't work last year, and it didn't work the first five games.

Jaquon Brisker led the Chicago Bears in sacks, and we all thought about how bad the front four was but failed to think maybe he was a really good blitzer. Ryan Poles has drafted athletes all over the place. It may be time to use athleticism to beat opponents on defense. Turmaine Edmunds, Brikser, Kyler Gordan, and Greg Stroman should be utilized greatly from blitz packages. The Minnesota Vikings have an elite edge rusher in Danielle Hunter but have some additional help from Harrison Smith and Ivan Pace on blitz packages.

Matt Eberflus doesn't have to be that exotic but should start utilizing his talent in roles that fit them versus his scheme. I don't want him to start talking about how he didn't come to Chicago to blitz. Send it. If it's third and long, send it. Don't be shy. Also, according to Pro Football Focus, Jalen Carter is the No. 1 defensive tackle. However, thanks to his pass rush, Gervon Dexter Sr. is No. 45. Use him more.

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Heck, Zacch Pickens is No. 95 ahead of Justin Jones. Dexter Sr. should be the Bears 3T starter, with Justin Jones and Zacch Pickens filling in for the starters. For those who want to compare first-rounder, Darnell Wright is No. 27. In more comparison, Christian Darrisaw was 36th in his rookie season and finished last season as No. 2; he is currently No. 4 this season. Wright has that same potential to be a top-five offensive tackle. That beats the No. 1 DT all day in today's NFL