5 Chicago Bears who should be at their best after the bye week

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The late-season bye can have its drawbacks, but one positive is that a lot of the players will get to finish the season fresher and healthier than a lot of their peers on rival teams. There are plenty of players who needed this bye week more than others to get healthy or rested, but some players also could just use the time to step away and improve. Which players should we expect to see their best football down the stretch?

The Chicago Bears can get a fair evaluation of Nate Davis

The Chicago Bears need to find out what Nate Davis can bring to the team. A lot of fans have already written him off, but that is not fair. He has gotten off to a slow start, but there are reasons to think he can get better. 

He missed almost all of the offseason practices due to a personal matter. Davis was bad in week one and looked rusty before missing weeks two and three. Davis returned in week four but once again looked rusty. In week five, he finally had continuity playing and had his best game. 

Of course, in week six, he got hurt again. So, in week 11, he once again took some time to get back, and in week 12, he looked good again. So, weeks five and 12 were the only games in which he started and finished at full health and had continuity from the prior week. The Bears won both games, and he looked great. 

That gives us just enough to buy the idea that Davis can come out of the bye week and put together the best five games of the season. Does he end up proving the Bears right?