5 Chicago Bears who should be at their best after the bye week

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The Chicago Bears need more from Tremaine Edmunds

Tremaine Edmunds is in the same spot as Nate Davis. It is easy to write him off as a bad free agency signing, but there is still a lot that can happen over the final five weeks that changes the perception around that. 

Edmunds missed a lot of the offseason program as well. He missed with an injury. In the first few weeks, he looked like he got thrown into a defense that he did not spend much time practicing with. That is because that is what happened. Beyond that, players around him were dropping left and right with injuries. It left Edmunds in a spot where he was trying to make too many plays and was paying for it. 

Edmunds missed two games, and the team started to get healthier. Montez Sweat was added into the mix. In the last two weeks since he returned, the defense has started to look like what Matt Eberflus saw in his head. Still, that means better play from Edmunds.