3 Chicago Bears who showed up to play at Los Angeles Chargers despite the loss

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The Chicago Bears got sent right back to reality with an ugly loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. This could have been expected in many ways, and the Bears have to think about the draft position at this point anyway. So, while the days are dark in Chicago, there is a good reason to find a bright spot every once and a while. Who are the only players who showed up ready to play?

3. The Chicago Bears are getting the best out of Jaylon Johnson

One player who has been valuable all season for the Bears' defense is Jaylon Johnson. Justin Herbert hardly threw any incompletions to start the game, but a lot of that was because he targeted the running backs, tight ends, and Tyrique Stevenson. Essentially Herbert was going after everyone besides Jaylon Johnson. When he was going after Johnson, Johnson was excelling. He had a key pass breakup in the end zone and was one of the few Bears who were tough to complete a pass on all night.

Johnson is an interesting spot with the team. He is playing really good football right now. He missed some time when the Bears defense looked it worst, and his last two games are some of his best efforts. Johnson doubled his career total in interceptions last week and was the best defender this week. It is no surprise he is playing this way with a contract on the line. Johnson will be a free agent after this season. The Chicago Bears would be wise to extend him because, at his age, he is not close to falling off, and his position is too valuable to let him go.