6 thoughts following the Chicago Bears 27-17 loss to Tampa Bay Bucs

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5. Matt Eberflus probably does not have much time left as the Bears head coach.

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Let’s be honest. Matt Eberflus is officially on the hot seat. The Bears have never fired a head coach middle of the season, but he could become the first ever coach to be fired mid-season. It has been that bad.

The Bears have now lost twelve straight games dating back to last year. It has been almost a year since their last victory. We are entering Week 3, but it already feels like Week 15 or 16 from last year.

After the Kansas City game, the Bears will return home to play the Denver Broncos and head to Washington for Thursday Night Football. If the Bears lose all three games, they will be 0-5 and would have lost 15 straight games.

The Bears made changes offensively after the loss against the same Washington team on Thursday Night Football by utilizing Justin Fields’ running skills. That brought excitement and hope that they will be more competitive in 2023.

Will Eberflus be given the opportunity to redeem what is left of this season? Will Getsy pull off another offensive miracle almost a year after the Washington disaster, or will he either demote or fire him to calm the angry fans and ownership?

Eberflus has so much on his plate now. He must make sure the locker room does not fall apart while now pulling double duty as a head coach and defensive coordinator in the wake of Williams's resignation.

He knows this defense inside and out. If he’s going to take the fall like we all expect him to, he might as well do it his way.   

No sweat, right?