The Chicago Bears skill-set values and what that means for the 2023 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears, Training Camp
Chicago Bears, Training Camp / David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears skill-set requirements

The Chicago Bears do have a vastly different set of skills required for the nose tackle position. Surprisingly, length or size is not on them. Again, they would love to have that alongside the other skills. Nose tackles need the POA power, proper hand and shed work, balance, and block recognition. Taking on double teams will require a nose to stay off the ground while moving two people backward. 

Since the Chicago Bears will likely draft a running back and a wide receiver at some point, I will discuss some critical skills. I always thought with the wide zone scheme that, the team would want bust and top-end speed. Only acceleration/burst was on the required skill list. Why the Chicago Bears wanted David Montgomery back makes more sense now. He has all the skillsets the Bears require: Vision, burst, balance, and ball security. It is a passing league, so maybe the Chicago Bears don't value running back as much as I think.

Offensive tackle was still one of the only positions that required something with the body (length). The pass catchers (not tight ends) only need three things. Release, route running/separation, and ball skills. Now it is lying season. The Chicago Bears could have put this out there to toss people off their scent. However, it is so close to the draft season, so I highly doubt that is their plan. It still might make some wonder why Velus Jones Jr.