5 star players the Chicago Bears could have drafted in past five years

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Chicago Bears, Maxx Crosby
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The Chicago Bears could have drafted Maxx Crosby (2019)

The Chicago Bears are not the only team to miss out on Maxx Crosby. Crosby was not selected until the fourth round. For Ryan Pace to have selected him, he would have had to take him in the third round. The Bears originally had the 87th-overall pick in the third round, but Pace traded up to 73 to select David Montgomery. Nothing against Montgomery, but like Roquan Smith, he plays a very replaceable position. Montgomery didn't see a contract beyond his rookie deal with Chicago. Instead, he parted ways and moved up north to Detroit.

Ryan Pace likes to trade draft picks like they are going out of style. He should have held off on doing that and instead, he should have selected Maxx Crosby. Crosby has been a beast for the Las Vegas Raiders. He's only been in the league four years but has averaged nearly 10 sacks per season.

I bet that Ryan Poles and Matt Eberflus would love for Crosby to be on the Chicago Bears' current roster. The team could use star power at the defensive end position. The Bears struggled to reach the quarterback in 2022. Things would not have been as bad if Crosby was on the depth chart.