3 players the Chicago Bears could trade for if Broncos continue with fire sale

If the Broncos start to sell of players in the likes of a fire sale, Ryan Poles needs to get on the phone and see what it would cost to bring in some of their talent to the Chicago Bears.

Chicago Bears, Jerry Jeudy
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Chicago Bears, Jerry Jeudy
Chicago Bears, Jerry Jeudy / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

If the Chicago Bears are going to add a wide receiver to this group, personally I want to see them use one of their first-round picks on Marvin Harrison, Jr. There isn't a guarantee they land Harrison. I'd be fine with Emeka Egbuka if they end up in the teens or trade back. Either one of those two paired with DJ Moore would be exciting to watch and make Justin Fields', or whoever is under center, life easier. The problem is that there isn't a guarantee that Chicago can land either of those wide receivers.

That said, Darnell Mooney hasn't been playing well. He started out slow last season and got things going, but this team needs weapons at the wide receiver position. DJ Moore cannot put up 230 yards and three touchdowns each week. Someone has to step up. Now that Chase Claypool is out of the picture, maybe it's time to give another wide receiver a chance.

Courtland Sutton has been the more productive wide receiver in Denver. However, I still believe Jerry Jeudy has enough talent to be a WR2 on most teams - no matter what Steve Smith said. With his inconsistent production, I could see Jeudy being even cheaper than what it cost for Chase Claypool -- even though Jeudy went 15th overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. He is only 24 and the Broncos picked up his fifth-year option meaning he should still be relatively inexpensive ($12 million) next year.


I'm not high on trading for either Jerry Jeudy or Courtland Sutton, but if the price is right, either one could help boost this wide receiver corps. now that Claypool is out of the picture. Jeudy has a catch rate of over 67% each of the last three years. I could see him reaching his production numbers from last season if here in Chicago. Last season, he caught 67 balls for 972 yards and six touchdowns. If Ryan Poles can send a third-round pick for Jeudy, I would do it in a second. I'm just worried it will cost more than that, unfortunately.