6 Chicago Bears who may get traded, and the odds they're moved at the trade deadline

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The trade deadline is now less than one week away. The Chicago Bears are likely to be grouped in with the sellers far more than the buyers as they head into the deadline, but the question is, who on their roster could get anything back in return? We go through the most likely players to get traded as well as the odds that they do get traded to the Bears.

6. It will be hard for the Chicago Bears to trade Justin Fields

This is the one that will get all of the talking heads excited, but it may be listed as number six because it is the least likely. First, it is awful timing for Justin Fields to get hurt if a team did want to trade for him. At this very moment, his stock could not be lower. He is coming off an injury, and his backup came in and tied his season total in wins.

Beyond that, any team he is traded to would have to change their entire offense on the fly to fit him, or it would be a team like the Ravens adding him to be a backup. That would mean a very low return price.

The Chicago Bears have Fields under contract next year and if he comes back healthy and finishes the season well there will be desperate teams who have a full offseason to work with Fields and it is easier to see a trade executed then. Teams could be desperate, so he is worth listing, but the odds are low.

Under 5% Chicago Bears trade Justin Fields