4 Chicago Bears on the verge of losing their roster spot this preseason

A newly signed player and a rookie are on the list of players who may not make the 53-man roster

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3. Kindle Vildor is close to being off the Chicago Bears roster

This one has been fairly obvious for a while. The Chicago Bears buried two players on their initial depth chart, a sign that their roster spot was in jeopardy. One was Trevis Gipson, who actually played above his depth chart slot and then had an excellent game. The other is Kindle Vildor.

Vildor did not play nearly as well, and he played to his depth chart ranking. It is because he lined up in the slot, but Greg Stroman saw the field over Vildor, as did Jaylon Jones. Jones is much better than Vildor on special teams, and at this point, that is what his roster spot will come down to.

The starters are Tyrique Stevenson, Jaylon Johnson, and Kyler Gordon. Terell Smith is the top outside backup, and whether it is Josh Blackwell or Greg Stroman, they are the fifth because they play the slot.

So, the sixth cornerback slot will come down to someone like Jones or Vildor. At this point, Jones has not only been viewed higher on defense, but it is a question on special teams. The sixth cornerback spot is highly valuable on special teams because they will hardly see the field. Perhaps Vildor can do something in the next two weeks to improve his trade value because his roster spot appears to be gone.