Top 3 Chicago Bears to watch against Green Bay Packers in Week #1

The Chicago Bears quarterback to wide receiver dynamic will be on display in week one

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DJ Moore, Chicago Bears
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2. Will D.J. Moore build on his excellent preseason with the Chicago Bears?

It did not take long for the D.J. Moore hype train to take off. Moore had been praised all offseason for his work ethic and his ability to lead the Chicago Bears wide receiver room. Then, in the preseason, it took just one catch to understand what he could bring on the field.

Moore is a dynamic weapon, and he can change games. Fans are hoping it can be similar to A.J. Brown being added to Jalen Hurts. We will find out early into week one if Moore can have that type of impact. He will be a must-watch, but he also will have one of the biggest matchups of the weekend, so the entire matchup will be under the spotlight.

Moore should be followed by Jaire Alexander. Alexander has no issues playing either side or sliding into the slot, so it would make sense for him to take on Moore wherever he lined up. That is a big jump up from the preseason. Alexander is perennially viewed as one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL.

Still, if D.J. Moore beats Jaire Alexander and continues to have a huge game, it is probably a sign that this will continue all season. If he struggles, we have to wonder just how high he can raise the floor in Chicago. There will not be many matchups as fun to watch all weekend.