Could the Denver Broncos trade the Chicago Bears for Justin Fields?

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The Chicago Bears are going to try to unload Justin Fields this offseason. One team that is going to be linked to them until the very end of this saga is the Denver Broncos. There are obvious reasons to tie the two. 

Could the Denver Broncos trade the Chicago Bears for Justin Fields?

The Denver Broncos are one of the only teams to publicly admit that they are moving on from their quarterback. Sean Payton and Russell Wilson did not work out together, and the Broncos will look for a new quarterback. So, the only team so open about it, while also not having a top-three pick will get rumored to be players for Justin Fields. Sean Payton did want to turn Taysom Hill into a starter, and Fields would be more athletic and a better passer.

Still, as we noted, Payton is also particular at quarterback. He had Drew Brees for years, and while he wanted to turn Hil into a quarterback, that never actually happened. Payton knows how to work with quarterbacks who play on schedule, stick to the script, and execute the play the way it is expected. That is why he got along with Brees so well. That is why he butted heads with Wilson so much.

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Does that really sound like a guy who will go all in for Justin Fields? Fields definitely plays more like Wilson than Brees if that is what Payton is looking for. 

On paper, there may not be a better fit for Justin Fields than the Denver Broncos. Behind the scenes and on a personal level, it feels like the Broncos will not even call the Chicago Bears about Fields.