Why D’onta Foreman will not be re-signing with the Chicago Bears

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At times, the free agent signing between D’onta Foreman and the Chicago Bears went well. However, down the stretch, they did not finish with that same momentum. Foreman is a free agent again this year, and he is not going to be coming back. 

The Chicago Bears will not be re-signing D'onta Foreman this offseason

When he first signed, he did not realize the Chicago Bears would draft Roschon Johnson. To be fair, the Bears probably did not realize that, either, and Johnson falling in the way he did impact things. Foreman was active in week one, but it was clear that the Bears did not have enough work to split for a three-man committee, and Foreman brought little on special teams, so they made him inactive. 

Injuries came in the middle of they ar, and the team had to call on Foreman. Foreman had a five-game stretch where he had 81 rushing attempts for 351 yards as well as seven catches for 47 yards and a combined four touchdowns. He averaged over 4.3 yards per attempt. 

Then, he got injured himself as both Khalil Herbert and Roschon Johnson got healthy. All of a sudden there was not room for him again. The Bears made him active for weeks 14 and 15, but he had 17 carries for 44 yards and looked like he was not as comfortable running as before. 

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So, the Bears made him active for the final three games of the season. He was definitely disappointed about his role this year and feels that he can bring more to a running back room that needs it. While the Bears would appreciate his depth, they realize that signing him again is a long shot. Look for him to try to catch on in a less crowded backfield again this offseason.