3 disastrously bad news items coming from Chicago Bears media availability

The Bears had bad news story after news story come out

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When you thought the Chicago Bears season could not get much worse, the team somehow found a way to make that happen. The Bears had an awful day of updates when the team met with the media on Wednesday before week three.

What were the big takeaways from Matt Eberflus, Justin Fields, Braxton Jones, and Alan Williams.

3. The Chicago Bears have no update on their defensive coordinator

The Chicago Bears spent week two without their defensive coordinator. Matt Eberflus said that Williams would not be with the team but would not clarify more. This happens at times for personal reasons, so it was not a huge shock, but when Williams was not with the team again this week, questions arose.

Matt Eberflus had no updates to give.

This is a bit confusing. Eberflus would not differentiate if this was performance-related or personal, although it is hard to see the time firing him quietly after just one week. It seems personal. However, now, the questions are being raised about just how serious this is. Bill Zimmerman, a friend of the site, had this to say.

Zimmerman has been known to be reputable and not put things out there that turn out to be wrong. This, along with the extended absence, has fans wondering if Alan Williams will even be back this season. If it was football-related, the team would have addressed this, and there would have been more to come out.

This makes you feel like Williams did something wrong and that we may have to wait for the actual news to report this. This continues to go against Matt Eberflus, who has shied away from some players to build a culture but has no signs of a strong culture in the locker room.