5 dream scenarios for Chicago Bears in 2023

If some of the best case outcomes turned out to be true for the Chicago Bears, what would they be?

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The Chicago Bears offseason was a real-life scenario, but what would happen if the Chicago Bears season ended up with a dream outcome? What are some outcomes that could be so good that you wonder if they are true or not? We break down a few possibilities.

5. D.J. Moore and Justin Fields make magic for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have not had a legitimate quarterback-to-wide receiver pairing since Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey. Even then, it was not quite the same magic that could be produced by the duo of Justin Fields and D.J. Moore. This duo could legitimately turn into one of the most exciting in franchise history, and it may only take one year.

D.J. Moore has been productive in the NFL for years now, but he has never had a legitimate quarterback. On the flip side, Justin Fields has shown flashes but has not had a legitimate pass catcher. What helps both is that they are stylistic fits as well.

Fields is one of the more aggressive deep ball throwers in the NFL, and not many wideouts were more efficient at catching the deep ball. The chances for magic increase when you realize that Moore did not have a good deep ball thrower, and Fields was throwing deep to guys like Dante Pettis. Now, the two can come together, which could be better than ever.

The connection we saw with Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown is on the table. It may feel like a dream, but it could be true that we see a similar leap from the Chicago Bears.