3 duds from the Chicago Bears week 5 win over Washington Commanders

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The Chicago Bears finally won their first game of the season, and there are plenty of reasons for fans to be excited. However, they still sit at 1-4, and there are plenty of questions to be answered on the roster as they stand. Even this game was not completely pretty. Who were some of the duds from the Bears' week five win?

3. The Chicago Bears got nothing out of Darnell Mooney

The Chicago Bears did not need Darnell Mooney because they scored 40 points. Still, it is amusing to see the teams stat-line at receiver. D.J. Moore obviously led the way with 230 of the 282 passing yards in this game. So, it left just 52 yards, 42 for Cole Kmet and 10 for Robert Tonyan. That is right, not a single yard for a receiver other than D.J. Moore.

While this is great for Moore, it is alarming for Mooney. It is not like he had better cornerbacks facing him; the coverage was bad across the board. Justin Fields should favor Moore, but a lot of the time, Mooney could not create. He was open once early in the game, and Fields could not hit him.

It could be because Mooney is coming back from a serious injury last season. Still, he has done next to nothing all season long. At some points, teams are going to make sure that Moore does not do this to them. Not every secondary will be as bad as Washington. This is when someone like Mooney will need to step up and make a play. So far, he has not shown he is ready for that moment.