4 duds in the Chicago Bears win over the Las Vegas Raiders

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The Chicago Bears beat the Las Vegas Raiders, but a lot of things in that game said that the Raiders were a fraudulent team more than they said that the Bears turned things around. A lot of Bears played some of their best games in the win, but there were still some questions and concerns.

Which players were still duds for the Chicago Bears in week 7?

4. Larry Borom did not play well for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears line has been playing much better in recent weeks. In both of their wins, it came down to the line being in sync and playing their two best games. However, while Tyson Bagent was only sacked once, and it was by Maxx Crosby, which is standard for him, the team still saw a bad performance from Larry Borom.

Darnell Wright spent most of the day against Crosby, so Larry Borom got to square off with Malcolm Koonce and Tyree Wilson. Against the lesser competition, Borom still allowed three pressures. Even worse, he had three bad penalties that held up drives.

The Raiders rookie Tyree Wilson had four pressures in six games but ended up with two pressures against Borom in his best game yet. Most Raiders fans were calling him a bust, but a game against Borom got him out of his slump.

It is not a coincidence that the players going against Borom always have some of their best games. He has been struggling since stepping in for Braxton Jones. This will bring a lot of questions to the left tackle position now and in the future.

It is hard to see the Bears turning their season around with such a liability on the left side because there will only be better pass rushers coming up.