4 things that are still true despite the Chicago Bears win

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The Chicago Bears beat the Las Vegas Raiders to get to 2-5. The odds of them turning the season around are unlikely, but with a new quarterback coming, it has some fans excited about a potential turnaround for this season. However, fans have to remember that these things are true despite the win.

4. Tyson Bagent did not prove he was the Chicago Bears future

It is hard to say anything negative about the first start for Tyson Bagent, but you have to put it into perspective. Bagent played well for a backup quarterback who is a rookie UDFA making his first start. That does not mean that he would have lit up every defense.

Bagent mainly managed the game. The run game was working, and the Raiders were coming in a bit weak on defense. Bagent completed 72% of his passes, which is great. He also averaged just 5.6 yards per attempt, which is not great. He did not push the ball down the field and did not take risks.

A backup can come in for a game or team and keep things afloat, but if the Chicago Bears were in a tight game that went back and forth and asked more from him, we may have seen different results.

Maybe he is the next Tom Brady, or maybe he is the next Marc Bulger or a player along those lines. However, the performance he showed on Sunday is just that he is a quality backup. His play on Sunday was similar to someone like Garnder Misnhew. We saw the Jaguars draft Trevor Lawrence even though Minshew could win a game or two against bad defenses. Let's wait to see more before we get too excited.