4 biggest fallers after Chicago Bears offseason program

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Chicago Bears, Jack Sanborn
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3. Jack Sanborn is losing ground in his position battle

This one is even tougher to pin on Jack Sanborn. Like Claypool, you cannot crush the guy for an injury, and even in the case of Sanborn, his injury was more severe than Claypool's. Still, Sanborn is a UDFA, and while he was strong as a rookie, it was a very small sample size.

With that in mind, he does not have much locked down. He saw the Chicago Bears sign Tremaine Edmunds and TJ Edwards and even draft Noah Sewell on day three. Day three is not significant, but when you are a UDFA, it looks like a real commitment.

Still, the Chicago Bears staff has said they are committed to Sanborn. He will enter training camp healthy and starting SAM. That does not mean Noah Sewell is not coming for him, though. Sanborn could not do anything about it, but the experience that Sewell got stepping in for the injured linebacker may end up going a long way in him taking the starting job.

This was a week where Sewell was a riser, and in-turn, it is hard not to call Sanborn a faller.