This former free agent from the Chicago Bears will not be re-signing with the team

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The Chicago Bears will have plenty of decisions to make when it comes to free agents on their current roster, as well as free agents on the roster of other teams. One player that the team signed last year but they will have no interest in re-signing Robert Tonyan

The Chicago Bears will not re-sign Robert Tonyan in free agency

Tonyan came to the Chicago Bears with some promise. He had a serious injury in 2021 that hurt his production in 2021, but he started to bounce back in 2022. Tonyan was reunited with Luke Getsy from their time together on the Green Bay Packers, and he looked like a good fit in the offense. 

However, none of that came to fruition. Tonyan had a career-low in yards, and that includes the year he came back from injury. He averaged 0.68 yards per route run with the Bears. For perspective, he averages 1.26 yards per route run for his career. His career low before that season was 1.06. His claim to fame as a pass catcher for the Chicago Bears is a dropped potential touchdown against the Cleveland Browns, a game they lost by three points. 

Tonyan has never been a good blocker, which is why the team signed Marcedes Lewis. So, he was providing nothing as a blocker and just as much as a pass catcher. There is not a role for him in this offense. 

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Getsy is gone, which was the reason he was here, to begin with. Beyond the Bears having no interest, Tonyan will not want to return, either. The coaches he likes are gone, his production was bad, and changes are coming at quarterback. Both sides will find new partners, as Tonyan will look for a new team, and the Chicago Bears will find a new tight end.