5 free agent situations on Carolina Panthers for Chicago Bears to follow

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3. The Chicago Bears could add defensive line depth with Henry Anderson or Deshawn Williams 

The Chicago Bears may be losing Justin Jones to free agency this year. While the team is looking to see Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens take a step forward next year, they also would like to add some depth up front to replace the player. 

Two names on the Carolina Panthers that are likely to hit free agency are DeShawn Williams and Henry Anderson. DeShawn Williams has been around the NFL since 2016, but his last four years have been his best. He was in Denver from 2020 through 2022 and went to Carolina last year, where he played a part-time role as a rotational lineman.

He would be cost-efficient, experienced, and a good locker room addition. The Panthers may not try to retain him with the roster rebuild. Henry Anderson is even more unlikely to return to Carolina after missing all of 2023 with an ankle injury. 

Still, that may just drive the price down on a quality depth piece. Anderson is 32 years old but has over 3,000 defensive snaps and can play up and down the line. He is not flashy but would give them the depth that they need the most.