3 Free agent situations on the Las Vegas Raiders for the Chicago Bears to follow

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The Las Vegas Raiders will go through a lot of changes on their roster this offseason. The Chicago Bears have to be eyeing up some potential players who will either get away in free agency or potentially get traded as the team makes their transition to a new roster. Which players on the Raiders should the Bears have an interest in?

3. The Chicago Bears have to be interested in the Las Vegas Raiders offensive line free agents

If the Chicago Bears are serious about fixing their offensive line entirely, they have to be interested in what is going to happen with the Las Vegas Raiders this offseason. The Raiders have three linemen who started for the majority of the season and are free agents. 

The main prize would be Andre James. James is a UDFA who has climbed up the Las Vegas Raiders depth chart. He started the past three seasons at center, and has 3,258 career snaps as a center. James may feel a commitment to Antonio Pierce and the Raiders, but he also may have seen so much change in Las Vegas that he is ready for a new start. James is going to be 27 years old next year and is coming off of his best season. Could the Chicago Bears win a bidding war for him?

Greg Van Roter is another free agent. He only spent one year in Las Vegas, so he should feel a lot less committed. Van Roten started at right guard last year, but he has often been a depth option since 2017. He is going to be 34 next year, so his cost will not be nearly as much. 

Still, this is a player with 1,763 snaps at left guard, 2,667 snaps at right guard, and 168 snaps at center over the course of his career. He would be a great addition if he wanted to sign as depth. 

Another interesting name to look at is Jermain Eluemunor. Eluemeunor was in a platoon at right tackle last season. For his career, he has 1,861 snaps at right tackle, but also 534 snaps at right guard, and 422 snaps at left tackle, so he could be viewed as a depth option as well. If they are looking for a surefire starter, they have to be thinking about Andre James.