4 free agents on Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Chicago Bears to sign this offseason

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2. The Chicago Bears could sign this free-agent defensive lineman 

The Chicago Bears are expected to see Justin Jones walk in free agency. If that is the case, a free agent from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers worth looking into is Greg Gaines. Gaines is more of a nose tackle than Jones, but that is what the team is looking for. 

They drafted Gervon Dexter and Zacch Pickens to replace Jones. Both will see an increase in snaps. Still, neither will be working as a backup nose tackle, which is how Pickens would see the field at times as a rookie. 

Andrew Billings was great last year, but he has to play on a pitch count. Gaines is a quality lineman who has lost value because his best trait is running defense, and the league leans more and more toward pass-happy. Still, the Bears have the cap space to give him a fair offer while still platooning him with Bilings and the young tackles. 

There would not be a better nose tackle duo in the NFL than Gaines and Billings. Do the Bears want to commit that much to stopping the run?