Grading Chicago Bears offensive line through two weeks of 2023 season

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We know that the Chicago Bears season will go as far as the offensive line allows it to go. Sitting at 0-2, there are questions about the offensive coordinator, quarterback, head coach, and of course, the offensive line. So, who have the been strengths and weaknesses of this line, and which players need to perform better? We grade each position on the unit to find out.

Chicago Bears left tackle

Braxton Jones: 126 snaps

Primary matchups: Preston Smith, Justin Hollins, Joe Tryon-Shoyinka, Anthony Nelson

The big issue for Braxton Jones right now is penalties. Per PFF, he has been flagged five times in two games. Some of them have impacted the results of drives. That will impact the final grade, but overall he has been sound. Joe Tyron-Shoyinka beat him for a sack right after a false start, easily the worst two plays of his season.

However, aside from the penalties, he was the best blocker against the Green Bay Packers, and aside from one sack against the Bucs, he handled himself well here. Jones has been quick with his feet, which is impressive. It looked like JTS timed the snap count right because the sack he allowed, he was beaten clean off of the football. Every other snap results in him winning because of his speed.

Things need cleaned up, but it easy to find positives in his play if you watch every snap.

Braxton Jones Grade: C+