Have the Chicago Bears made significant strides in this area?

David Berding/GettyImages

One area in which the Chicago Bears have been getting torched all year is passes to the running back. They are easily one of the worst groups in the NFL at stopping this. T.J. Edwards was supposed to be their ace in this area, but he started the season slow. With Tremaine Edmunds having issues and Jaquan Brisker taking a step back, all of their top defenders in this area struggled.

The Chicago Bears are improving against running backs in the passing game

It started with Aaron Jones ripping off a huge catch in week one, and then Rachaad White had a nice game in week two. From there, teams saw how to attack. 

Lesser touted names such as Jaleel McLaughlin and Antonio Gibson, who had big games on them before Austin Ekeler torched them on national television. After that, they slowly got better. New Orleans brought in Alvin Kamara, who had just 44 yards. That is not great, but certainly an improvement. 

However, in the Lions comeback against the Chicago Bears they let Jahmy Gibbs get loose. Gibbs had 59 receiving yards, David Montgomery had 22 receiving yards, and the Lions torched them in the process. 

However, in the last two games the Bears have shown some steady improvements. Against Minntsota, they allowed 35 yards to running backs in their first meeting. The second time around they allowed just 14. 

Against Detroit, it went from 81 combined yards to 35 combined yards, featuring just 16 from the explosive Gibbs. Some of this could be the conditions and the Lions offensive line was not at their normal capacity. Still, the Bears defense showed up as well.

T.J. Edwards has taken huge steps on defense. Tremaine Edmunds and Jaquan Brisker are finally healthy and playing better. When you add in the pass rush improving, it makes sense they are playing better. Now, will this continue? Their last real test will be Bijan Robinson in week 17.