Identifying locks for the top 8 before Chicago Bears draft

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With the Chicago Bears picking ninth overall in the 2023 NFL draft it is easier than most years to identify who will and will not be on the board when the team picks. So, we will go through each position and try to identify the players who are locks to be drafted in the top eight.

From there, how many players do we need to see fall before the Bears pick?

Top 8 locks before Chicago Bears pick in the 2023 NFL draft

At quarterback, you can say for sure that two guys will go. The Chicago Bears wish that there were four locks, but when you are dealing with just the top eight, you have to be certain. We are pretty certain the Indianapolis Colts will join the Carolina Panthers in drafting a quarterback. From there, we really have no idea.

Plenty of teams could make that move, but we do not know enough that definitely will to call it a lock.

The rest of the offensive positions are tough to find locks. There are no wideouts or tight ends. Really, the only potential names are Bijan Robinson, Paris Johnson, and Peter Skoronski. We cannot call any of them locks.

Will Anderson is a lock. The Chicago Bears kissed their chances of drafting him goodbye when they moved down to number eight. It still feels like even with reports of him falling, the lowest he will fall is to pick six. All reports are that Tyree Wilson is the reason that Will Anderson will fall. If he is a lock for the top five, we have to put him in.

The next big question is Jalen Carter. As the days go, the idea that he falls to nine gets less likely. Still, with more questions than Anderson and Wilson, we can put him right on the edge.

Lastly is cornerback. We cannot say for sure whether it is Devon Witherspoon or Christian Gonzalez. We can say that one of them will be gone in the top eight picks.

So our locks look like

2 quarterbacks

2 edge rushers

1 cornerback

That gets us to five. The third and fourth quarterbacks, Jalen Carter, Bijan Robinson, Peter Skoronski, and the second cornerback seem to be the players most likely to crack that final three ahead of the Chicago Bears.

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If the top five are Bryce Young, Will Levis, Tyree Wilson, Will Anderson, and Christian Gonzalez, who do you hope gets taken in the next three picks before the Chicago Bears draft?