The Justin Fields, Chicago Bears quarterback, argument extended

Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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Chicago Bears excuses continued

That is the type of talent we saw from this high school kid moving forward. See, the cult crowd didn't know how fast Justin Fields could move on the field. They saw a quarterback who rushed for 484 yards one season and thought he was a good dual threat. They didn't see how explosive he was stealing bases in baseball. They didn't pay attention to his 4.4-speed entering college, yet they noticed at the pro day. Many people should at least look at "The Beast" by Dane Bruglar to get insight into the player they will bash or defend.

Or you can read our stuff at BGO. I told you he is Russell Wilson by choice early during his draft process. Fields likes to extend plays so he can chuck that bad boy downfield for a big play. Fields is a true big-game hunter. I love that about him. That is why he holds onto the ball so much. This leads me to argue why I have been so down on him. Decision-making is by far the most important skill a quarterback needs in the NFL to thrive. It can be as simple as checking out of a pass play to a run play or as advanced as reading the defense pre and post-snap.

I missed that part with Justin Fields. Many of us have, and a lot of you still do. I am not at the point of calling Justin Fields a bust. I am leaning toward a quarterback change at the end of the season, but there are still seven weeks left for him to change the minds of many. Believe me, I know my opinion doesn't matter to him, but I promise you his bosses are thinking about it. I didn't see it until Tyson Bagent took over, and I saw how quickly he makes decisions. I am not trying to start a debate about Fields vs Bagent.