Justin Fields provides major details on trade from Chicago Bears

Justin Fields may not have won a lot in Chicago, but he provided them a win on Tuesday.
Justin Fields may not have won a lot in Chicago, but he provided them a win on Tuesday. / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

I don't know about you, but when I break up with someone, I don't expect them to give me a generous gift in parting. Yet, that's exactly what former Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields did on Tuesday in Pittsburgh.

Justin Fields gave the Chicago Bears one final gift when talking to the press Tuesday afternoon.

I know that the topic of Justin Fields can raise a lot of controversy and division among those loyal to Chicago these days, but I propose that one day, we leave all that aside and thank him for the potential players he just helped the Chicago Bears sign.

Fields did this by laying down the quote of the offseason when it comes to improving Ryan Poles' future recruiting and resigning efforts.

An absolute dream of a quote by the man we used to hope was "H1M" in Chicago.

While the narrative that Ryan Poles had "done right" by Justin Fields in trading him to Pittsburgh is not new, what is new is Justin Fields himself confirming this. That is no light matter.

Justin Fields' confirmation that Ryan Poles thought of his best interests when choosing Pittsburgh confirms the report by Bears beat writer Courtney Cronin and wipes away any conspiracy theories that Ryan Poles and his staff planted that story to make themselves look better.

Justin Fields has absolutely nothing to gain by giving his former General Manager credit at this point. Yet, he did it anyway. The ramifications both in the near and far future of this cannot be overstated.

The Chicago Bears roster, many of which had certainly built solid relationships with Fields prior to the trade, now knows this to be a fact. It is not a reach to believe that this will play into their physique with their morale or when they consider resigning with the Bears.

Furthermore, the entire National Football League now knows that Ryan Poles, Chicago Bears' General Manager, is a man of honor and a true man of his word. The impact of this on individual athletes may vary, but I have little doubt it will impact most or all of them in some positive fashion.

If the Chicago Bears were a desirable destination before this due to their quality, young, promising roster, they will be even more so now. When free agents negotiate with multiple teams, the Chicago Bears might have an edge when they need one to get that signature on the dotted line of their contract.

Take a bow, Ryan Poles. You continue to knock it out of the park when your predecessors seemed to be lucky just to get on base.

With that being said, allow me to give Justin Fields his flowers for making this fully possible. Without his unnecessary confirmation, this all may have been considered nothing more than a rumor.

Now it is a fact. Just another reason to add to an ever-growing list of reasons that point to the Monsters of the Midways finally returning to prominence this season.

These are not your run-of-the-mill Chicago Bears. These are the Chicago Bears that we've deserved in this beloved windy city for far too long, and it is not a moment too soon.