Justin Fields showed much-needed improvement in this area for the Chicago Bears

Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

When Justin Fields came back from injury, he had seven games to show the Chicago Bears that he deserved to be their starter in 2024. Through three games, he is 2-1 as the Bears starter, and he is playing much better football.

The Chicago Bears are seeing Justin Fields play smarter, and more accurate

It is significant to note that his sacks are down, but for two weeks, his turnover-worthy throws were up, per PFF. Fields has a 3.7% TWP rate for his career, but that number is 2.7% this year. It is because he had been better in this area. 

However, in week 11, he had a 3.8% TWP rate in his return, and then in week 14, that number was 4.7%. He was taking fewer sacks and getting the ball out quicker, but too often, it was in danger. 

Those were two division rivals on the road. Now, he got to take the bye week to relax and get one of the same opponents at home. He had zero turnover-worthy throws on Sunday. He also had zero bad throws, per Pro Football Reference. That is only the second time he has done that in his career; the other is coming against Denver. He played great against Denver but had a game-changing turnover. It was not a pass but a strip sack. 

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With that said Sunday may have been his most complete game when you consider he did damage through the air and ground. He was accurate and did not have a bad pass or turnover-worthy throw. He also did not turn the ball over at all as the Bears cruised to a division win, something that does not happen very often. 

If Justin Fields can play like that over the next four weeks, he can change a lot of Chicago Bears fans' minds about his future.