Latest Keenan Allen update sheds light on looming Chicago Bears contract talk

What the sudden change of agent means for Kennan Allen and his future with the Bears
Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

For as exciting as the Chicago Bears wide receiver position group is with DJ Moore, Rome Odunze, and Keenan Allen, it seems that it may be a one-and-done experience for the trio considering Allen's contract status.

This off-season saw many wide receivers receiving huge contracts in a short amount of time. When someone gets a new contract, then another one re-sets the receiver market again either the same week or the following week. The latest receiver to sign a lucrative contract is the Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson, who signed a 4-year, $140 million contract, which includes $110 million guaranteed, making him the highest non-quarterback player ever.

Meanwhile, the Bears will likely face their first test when it comes to paying their receivers as Keenan Allen becomes a free agent after the 2024 season. With his pending free agency on the horizon, NFL Network's Tom Pelissaro reported on Thursday that Allen is changing his representation.

If Klutch Sports sounds familiar to you, it is because they are well known for representing NBA players, most notably LeBron James, who is a long-time friend of the founder of Klutch Sports, Rich Paul. Their NFL clients include DeVonta Smith, who received a 3-year, $75 million this off-season, current Bear Montez Sweat, DeAndre Hopkins, and NFL defensive MVP Myles Garrett etc.

Allen is making $23 million this season, and he could be seeking a 2-3 year deal just above $20 million per season. With Allen changing his agent, the chance of him taking a discount to stay with the Bears next off-season could be slim.

Meanwhile, DJ Moore himself could be looking to renegotiate a new deal perhaps as early as next off-season as well. Moore could be seeking close to $30 million per season for 3-4 years in his next contract if he has a strong season with Caleb Williams.

Contract decisions loom for the veteran Chicago Bears' wide receivers.

The most important thing to keep an eye out for is whether this becomes a distraction for both players, especially Allen, throughout the season. He is motivated to get one last big contract before he retires. What the Bears do not want to see is Allen grumbling about not getting enough balls thrown his way in front of reporters or having a heated conversation with either Williams or offensive coordinator Shane Waldron on the sidelines during games.

The negotiation will definitely put general manager Ryan Poles to the test. Poles was quoted saying he has great relationship with Allen's representative shortly after the trade. That all changed with the hiring of Klutch Sports. But Poles quickly negotiated a new contract for Montez Sweat when he was acquired last October from Washington, so there is a relationship with Klutch Sports.

Still, it could be very difficult for Poles to keep two receivers both making over $20 millions even with Caleb Williams on a rookie deal for at least 4 years when he has to determine which players deserve a contract extension and which free agents they will pursue moving forward.

DJ Moore has said there is a competition to get to 1,000 yards between him, Allen, and the rookie Rome Odunze. It will likely be a competitive but also an expensive race for the Bears when they start winning.