Latest odds suggest an offensive playmaker for the Bears in the 2024 NFL Draft

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As the NFL Draft gets closer, rumors surrounding the top picks in the draft continue to circulate. In Chicago, the biggest question is surrounding the 9th pick. Will the Chicago Bears go wide receiver to pair with D.J. Moore and Keenan Allen, or will they go defense to help elevate an already talented young group? If the Bears don't feel comfortable picking a player at 9, could they trade down?

One way to gather insight into what the Bears could do at 9 is through sportsbook odds. The NFL Draft is wildly unpredictable, so these odds are only a small glimpse of what could happen in the draft and by no means are a sure thing. With that being said, it is a good way to see what the overall consensus is on the picks toward the top end of the draft.

Potential players the Bears could take at 9 by sportsbook odds

According to the odds displayed on FanDuel Sportsbook, it appears that four quarterbacks have a chance to be selected among the top eight picks. Among these four, Caleb Williams is the most likely to be drafted as the first overall pick by the Bears. However, the question now is who the Bears will select at pick number 9. While there are many talented players available, three players have the best chances of being picked by the Chicago Bears.

1. WR Rome Odunze, Washington

Rome Odunze is the favorite to be selected by the Chicago Bears. According to FanDuel, his odds of being selected by the Bears are listed as +185. Odunze is a highly skilled receiver with the talent and physical attributes that make him a very promising NFL player. If he is still available at the 9th spot, the Bears will likely choose him. However, he is not listed higher in the odds because other teams are also interested in him and may select him before the Bears have a chance. Although he is not the favored pick for any of those teams, it is certainly possible that he could be chosen before the Bears' turn at 9.

2. Edge Jared Verse, Florida State

Jared Verse is considered the second favorite to be chosen by the Bears. According to FanDuel, his odds of being selected by the Bears are listed as +430. Verse, like Odunze, is highly skilled at his position and has good measurables to back it up. However, he is unique in the sense that many people think the Bears may trade down to select him. Draft day is chaotic and many unexpected things happen, so it is possible that if the Bears want Verse, they won't risk trading down and will select him at 9.

3. Edge Dallas Turner, Alabama

The last player to discuss is Dallas Turner. According to FanDuel, his odds of being selected by the Bears are listed as +700. This makes him a far less likely choice according to FanDuel. However, this doesn't mean he's not talented. Turner is considered a good prospect, with odds of +195 of being chosen by the Atlanta Falcons one pick before the Bears. This suggests that if Turner is not selected by the Falcons, he could be someone the Bears select at 9.

All three of these draft prospects will make an instant impact on the Bears. The main thing to take away here is there is no sure thing in the draft, and these are just the highly likely players to take at 9. It is also possible Bears fans could see a trade up or trade down. A move like that would drastically shift who they may target.