Legendary NFL QB endorses the Chicago Bears quarterback change

UCLA v USC / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Just over one week remains before the 2024 NFL Draft begins and the selection that the Chicago Bears are making with the first overall pick has been all but confirmed.

The Bears are going to be selecting Caleb Williams with the first overall pick. That was the most likely outcome when the 2023 season ended and every move that has been made since has confirmed that Williams is the choice at the quarterback position for the Bears.

One of the biggest reasons why the Bears moved off from Justin Fields at the quarterback position is the stunted development that Fields had during his first three seasons with the team. While the Bears certainly deserve a chunk of the blame for why it did not work out with Fields in Chicago, the former Ohio State quarterback's passing traits were also a major concern.

For better or worse, Fields was a quarterback who had to physically see a wide receiver get open before making the decision to throw. The delayed decision in addition to the hitch in his throwing delivery often led to Fields missing clear opportunities in the passing game.

That's a trait that is hard to coach and is likely when of the reasons why two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Phil Simms endorsed the change at the quarterback position for the Bears.

Phil Simms agrees with the Chicago Bears' decision to move on from Justin Fields in favor of Caleb Williams.

For as exciting as Fields was at the quarterback position for the Bears, he had his limitations in the passing game. Those limitations are what the Bears expect to be corrected with their selection of Williams. Williams' magical plays are what bring viewers to his USC highlights but it is his ability to play on-time with anticipatory passes that make him stand far above any other quarterback in this year's draft class.